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Wellness Group

Family Practice Group is proud to support a community built around sustainable habits and wellness, by offering Wellness Group visits to our patients. Based on our great group experiences here at Family Practice Group, we have formed a non-profit organization,


Dr. Wayne Altman and Kerri Hawkins (dietitian and certified personal trainer) work with you in a small group setting (6-12 people) to help you create a balanced, healthy lifestyle that is sustainable through support, education, accountability, and personalized tools and resources.


We have completed over 75 groups and 300 people have lost over 6,000 pounds and kept most of the weight off. Although, the group is not focused on weight loss. Instead we are focused on feeling better and being healthier with weight loss as a pleasant side effect. Our groups have created a network of support to help people maintain their healthy habits. Our results were published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine in 2017. Since then, we have developed a community model of this program in the City of Woburn, thanks to the support of the Cummings Foundation.

Wellness Group

Wellness Group Information

  • What: 15 Tuesday evening sessions over 20 weeks.

  • Time: 4:30-5:15pm, 5:30-6:15pm, or 6:30-7:15pm

  • Where: Family Practice Group (11 Water Street Suite 1A Arlington, MA) or virtual by Zoom if needed for safety

  • Cost: One-time Group fee of $175.00 plus 15 copayments paid upfront; deductibles and co-insurances may apply (please check with your insurance company).

Once your 15 sessions with us are completed, you are not on your own. We offer ongoing support through follow up visits, group reunions, our summer programs and Advanced Wellness Group.


Interested in the next session?

  • Please call (781) 648-9700

  • leave your name

  • email

  • phone number



Send a MyChart message to Dr. Altman with your interest in the program and any questions you may have. 

Many of our materials and challenges can be found at

Help with Cooking
Health Coaching

Health Coaching Program

This program is designed for any person who would like to develop healthier habits with the support and accountability of a motivating health coach. Whether your goal is to lose weight or to feel better, we want to support you in your pursuit to optimal health.

How it Works

You will meet with your health coach for about 30 minutes weekly or every other week (biweekly) to establish specific and customized wellness goals. Meetings will be held virtually via phone or zoom (your choice).

You will meet with both your health coach and your PCP one time per month (weekly plan) or one time every 6-8 weeks (biweekly plan) for a 30 minute zoom meeting. During this meeting, your health coach will streamline progress to your provider and your provider will offer feedback, medical advice, and/or nutritional education.


  • Weekly meetings: $135 for three months ($45 per month). 

  • Biweekly meetings: $75 for three months ($25 per month).


How to Sign Up

Please (781) 648-9700 or send a message via MyChart if you are interested in signing up. 

Image by Nani Chavez
Relationship Group

Relationship Group Program

Are you interested in improving your relationship with your partner?


Dr. Wayne Altman, family physician, and Dr. Stephanie Power, health psychologist, will be running an 8-session group to help couples improve their relationship.


Who should join?


Couples interested in learning strategies to improve their relationship.


What will we learn and discuss?


  1.   Understanding each other’s wants, needs, and expectations

  2.   Setting Relationship Goals

  3.   Balancing change and acceptance

  4.   Fair fighting and respectful disagreeing

  5.   Admitting wrong and being accountable

  6.   The Power of Apology

  7.   Co-parenting and intimacy 

  8.   Where do you go from here?


  • You will be expected to attend each of the eight 60-minute sessions with your partner.

  • Group sessions will take place on Thursday late afternoons. 


What is the cost to join?

The program will simply be billed as office visits: eight each for you and your partner. Unless you have a deductible plan, you and your partner will each be expected to pay your 8 co-pays upfront as a commitment to the group; otherwise, your insurance should take care of the rest.


How to Sign Up

You must sign up as space is limited to four couples.

Email to indicate your interest in participating in this program.

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